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People Finder for Modern Sites is a SPFx (SharePoint Framework) web part, which allows to search and see employee profile information.

This information is pulled from AAD (Azure Active Directory) thru MS Graph API.

For more information about MS Graph API and how to query against it please check the following pages for further reference.

People Finder Web Part Configuration
  • First, edit the page where People Finder web part is.

  • Then select People Finder web part and edit it as well.

  • From here you can see four main sections: QuerySearch ParameterStyling Options and Template Options​.

Query Section
  • ​$select parameter value: Here you specify which fields you want to work with (either to display them on the screen or filter against it)

  • We suggest to use at a minumum the following fields: iduserPrincipalNamedisplayNamemailjobTitlemobilePhonecompanyNamebusinessPhonesofficeLocationdepartmentpostalCode​

  • Copy and paste the above values as is, keep in mind they're case sensitive.

  • Also consider these are the internal field names, not the actual display names.

  • For more information about the $select parameter please check: ​

  • From here you can see which SimpleSharePoint products are installed, their current version, acces to their specific settings pages, and get more help accessing our online guide.


Search Parameter Section

You can customize the search parameter that PeopleFinder displays as one of these four options:

  • None - Hides the search dispplay at the top of the webpart.

  • Search Box -  Provides a search box for this webpart. Users can search via last or first name, and even partial text entries.
  • Static - Allows you to set a custom search parameter value for this webpart.

  • Dynamic data - Allows another webpart on the page to filter the values of PeopleFinder. Select the webpart in the dropdown menu and any choices selected in the connected webpart will affect the search results of PeopleFinder.

Styling Options

PeopleFinder provides the following styling options to turn on or off:

  • Show Pagnation - Displays the "Next >>" and "<< Previous" buttons, so users can look through more results. Default is on.

  • Show blank if no result - This will hide the webpart if no results are found on the initial query. Default is on.

  • Show results counter - This shows a numerical count of all results for the current search. Defalit is on.

  • Show Live Persona card - This enable viewing of a person's Live Persona card. Default is on.

  • Show grouping - This groups the results by any set grouping. APPLIES TO GRID VIEW ONLY. Default is off.

  • Show Directory Filter - This enables the alphabetical tabs menu on top to search a user by first or last name.Default is off.

  • Directory Filtering By Last Name - Sorts the results by last name. Currently sorts by first name. Default is off.

  • Results Layout - This is a troubleshooting option. If set to "Debug" it will display the code generated by the webpart. Default is "People".

Template Options

PeopleFinder provides the ​ability to customize the fields shown. You can edit the following options:

  • Manage persona fields - You can map field values with the corresponding persona placeholders. This is useful if a field is currently connected with the wrong persona field.

  • Picture size - You can set the profile picture size to one of 5 sizes: Extra Small, Small, Regular, Large or Extra Large. Default is Regular. 

Still have questions? We’re happy to help!​