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SimpleCarousel Simple Carousel Installation for O365

  • SimpleCarousel for Office 365, is a SharePoint Add-in, formerly called SharePoint "App".​
  • The add-in needs to be manually deployed to your O365 Tenant's App Catalog - Site Collection.
  • After giving user permissions, SimpleCarousel add-in will be available on your site content, ready to be added.
  • Once SimpleCarousel add-in has been added to your site, click the "Install SimpleCarousel" button and you're ready to go.


  • The App Catalog must be enabled on your O365 tenant, to be able to upload SimpleCarousel add-in and make it available for your sites.


  • Please follow Microsoft's guidelines for adding our SimpleCarousel add-in to Office 365 App Catalog


  • On your App Catalog site, go to "Apps for SharePoint", and then click "Upload"
  • Find in your hard drive the provided, and upload it.
  • NOTE: click only once :)

  • Once you uploaded the file, edit the details and make sure it's enabled, otherwise it won't be visible to your users.

  • Find the gear icon, at the top-right section of your browser's screen, click to open and select "Add an app"

  • Under Site Contents, when using the "Classic View", there's also an option to Add an app

  • On the left, select "From your organization", choose "Simple Carousel" (on the left in this picture)

  • Click "Trust It"

  • Please wait while SimpleCarousel add-in is added to your site, then cl​​ick on the SimpleCarousel icon as shown below:
  • Classic View

  • Modern View

  • On the SimpleCarousel App page, click "Install SimpleCarousel", and wait for confirmation message

  • Navigate back to your site, there's a link in the very top left on the browser

​​Congratulations! SimpleCarousel is now ready to use!

  • Next step, configuration. Set your navigation syntax to build up your own menus.

MegaMenus Uninstallation for O365

  • To uninstall SimpleCarousel for Office 365:
  • Remove the add-in (formerly called App) from your SharePoint site.


Detailed step by step instructions
  • Click the Site Settings gear icon in the top-right, and choose Site Contents
  • Locate the Simple Carousel add-in (App) and click on it
  • Scroll down to the Uninstall SimpleCarousel section. Click each of the 3 uninstall buttons allowing a brief pause between each step
  • Follow Microsoft's steps in section Remove and app from the App Catalog

​​SimpleCarousel have now been uninstalled 

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